Video (5 minutes) : “Left Behind or Led Astray?”

While looking for a video last night I eventually stumbled onto this short 5 minute video trailer for an upcoming DVD refuting the SECRET rapture theory, which I myself rejected almost exactly 10 years ago after holding to the view dogmatically. While I do not agree with everything Joe Schlimmel has taught in the past his ministry does provide some interesting video resources. Having been a massive rock music listener prior to my conversion I had watched the video series “They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll” years ago and was impressed with all the quotes and video clips provided. And he has also spoken out against the Emergent Church and Mark Driscoll for example. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the elements of Joe Schlimmel’s eschatology I am happy to see other people waking up and producing videos refuting the false SECRET rapture theory. In the following 5 minute trailer video he mentions the usual suspects (Manuel Lacunza, Edward Irving, Margaret McDonald, John Darby, C. I. Scofield) involved with the origin and spread of the SECRET rapture teaching. He mentions Charles Spurgeon and George Muller opposing Darby’s views. He mentions that Kirk Cameron, star of the first “Left Behind” movie, has come to reject the SECRET rapture theory… in other words Kirk Cameron left behind “Left Behind”… now if Kirk could get back to right views on Mormonism, Hallowe’en and Roman Catholicism we would rejoice fully. A 5 minute video won’t exactly monopolize your time will it? I do encourage watching it. A sister-in-Christ after having watched the trailer told me that she has the intention of purchasing the DVD.


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