Gay Agenda in X-Men Movies? (15 Minute Video)

Years before I converted to true Christianity I used to be a big comic book reader (the 1980s) and I used to purchase X-Men comics monthly. I think I had heard or read somewhere that the X-Men which originally came out in the 60s were kind of intended by the creators as a comic book symbol for “victims of bigotry” (ex. blacks, civil rights movement, racism). I don’t necessarily remember back then seeing any references to homosexuality except for a French Canadian mutant character from the comic book series “Alpha Flight” (?) coming out as gay. Of course I didn’t have in my younger years the discernment, vigilance and knowledge I have today. I stopped reading comics regularly in the early 90s so I’m sure much has happened since that time according to the Second Law of Moral Thermodynamics (= “The more society rejects the true God the more it decays into sexual perversion and all manner of sin and decadence”.).

Here’s an interesting video showing the director of at least 3 of the X-Men movies, Bryan Singer (an accused pedophile and sex pervert… I didn’t know the accusations against him were that bad… disgusting!), and some of the writers and Ian McKellen, an openly gay actor, admitting that gay elements are in the X-men movies on purpose:

There’s even a clip in the video expose of Corey Feldman, a famous child actor back in the 1980s, talking about pedophilia in Hollywood which might have led to the suicide of his friend Corey Haim, another famous child actor. Please be aware that there are disturbing images and quotes in the video. Don’t watch this while eating. Again I don’t necessarily agree with everything Joe Schlimmel teaches (1 Thessalonians 5:21) but this brother in Christ has provided another good video here and I am thankful for his ministry, zeal and vigilance.

I do remember some secular movie critics had pointed out some subtle gay politics being inserted in the X-Men movies (especially second and third movies) so this isn’t someone’s imagination. What’s interesting is that the filmmakers and writers admit it themselves as well as the main star, Ian McKellen, a well-known homosexual who has been publicly vocal about his hatred of the Bible. And it’s interesting to note (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that X-Men actresses Ellen Page and Anna Paquin are respectively known as being a lesbian and a bisexual. I’ve seen in the last few years the secular media mention rumors that X-Men actor Hugh Jackman may be a closet homosexual… being a rumor it doesn’t of course mean it’s true so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  Let a matter be established by at least 2 or 3 credible witnesses.


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