Identity of “Temple of God” of 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 – Part 1

After an absence of a few months from this blog mainly due to concentrating more time and effort in building a French Christian blog I thought I would come back and add some content which I had prepared some time ago for another blog.  I had sent the contents presented here to a few Plymouth Brethren (for people who don’t know Plymouth Brethren : they’re big on dispensationalism!) a few years ago and never received from them so much as much as an attempted refutation of what I wrote concerning the “temple of God” in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.  I’m still waiting for a dispensationalist (or preterist*) with a noble Berean attitude to read this document in its entirety and Biblically dismantle my Scriptural arguments.

* preterists are also guilty of wrongly identifying the “temple of God” of 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and consequently everything they have to say about Daniel chapter 7, 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, Revelation chapters 13 and 17 can be automatically dismissed

Here’s part 1 of my original PowerPoint document:

TemplePart01Slide1TemplePart01Slide2TemplePart01Slide3TemplePart01Slide4TemplePart01Slide5 TemplePart01Slide6 TemplePart01Slide7 TemplePart01Slide8 TemplePart01Slide9 TemplePart01Slide10 TemplePart01Slide11 TemplePart01Slide12 TemplePart01Slide13 TemplePart01Slide14 TemplePart01Slide15 TemplePart01Slide16 TemplePart01Slide17 TemplePart01Slide18 TemplePart01Slide19 TemplePart01Slide20 TemplePart01Slide21 TemplePart01Slide22 TemplePart01Slide23 TemplePart01Slide24 TemplePart01Slide25 TemplePart01Slide26 TemplePart01Slide27 TemplePart01Slide28 TemplePart01Slide29 TemplePart01Slide30 TemplePart01Slide31 TemplePart01Slide32 TemplePart01Slide33 TemplePart01Slide34 TemplePart01Slide35 TemplePart01Slide36 TemplePart01Slide37 TemplePart01Slide38 TemplePart01Slide39 TemplePart01Slide40 TemplePart01Slide41 TemplePart01Slide42 TemplePart01Slide43 TemplePart01Slide44 TemplePart01Slide45 TemplePart01Slide46 TemplePart01Slide47 TemplePart01Slide48 TemplePart01Slide49 TemplePart01Slide50 TemplePart01Slide51**********************************

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