The Potato Salad Fallacy

Here’s a little article I enjoyed.

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PSaladForm/Presentation & the Modification of Accidental Qualities

Without fail, nearly every time there is a Spring-Summer birthday party in my family, someone shows up with potato salad. And without fail, every such birthday party entails a 30 second awkward dialogue that goes something like this:

FM[1]: Hey! How’s it going, man? Nice to see you! Have you tried the potato salad? It’s amazing! Here have some! [Raises spoon filled with a large lump of potato salad.]

Me: [Uneasily gesticulating.] No thanks, on the potato salad. I’m just not a fan of the stuff. But it’s good to see you, too.

FM: Really good to see you here. [Awkward silence.] Are you sure you don’t want some of this potato salad? It’s got like bacon and other tasty stuff in it. Try it!

Me: Sorry. I don’t like potato salad. Never have. Never will. [Anxious smiles reciprocated.]

FM: Hey…

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