Refuting 4 Irrational Assertions Made by Atheists

Another good apologetics article I read and appreciated.

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logicfailAssertion 1: “Evolution is ateleogical.”

Response: If ateleological causal relationships exist, then they are accidental and not essential. If they are accidental, furthermore, they cannot have a telos in view (either mediately via progressive adaptation and sturctural organization of the species in question) or immediately (i.e. in the immediate adaptive response of some entity to some other external entity). If evolution occurs, however, then changes within a species occur mediately or immediately (as defined above). And if changes within a species occur either mediately or immediately, then these changes have a particular telos. And if they have a particular telos, then they are not ateleological.

How, then, can evolution be ateleological if organisms undergo adaptive modifications to better equip them to survive in a given environment and/or among different entities like and/or unlike themselves? It is logically incoherent to say that “Evolution is ateleological,” for the very concept of…

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