Christ Dines With Sinners; Ergo, He is Yahweh

A Gospel-saturated article I read and appreciate.

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lamb of god[The following is an excerpt from a sermon I preached some weeks ago at my church. The text I preached from is Mark 2:13-17. The full audio is available here. Hope you are edified.


In verse 16, we are told that the Pharisees and scribes asked: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?” The word for eat in this passage suggests eating in communionwith, as it does in our own common expressions. For instance, the phrase “to break bread” means something like “to share one’s valued assets with another.” Negatively, the phrase “biting the hand that feeds you” signifies betraying someone who is close to you and supplying your needs. Scripture, likewise, shows us the significance of eating with others in many places. For instance, in Genesis, when God visits Abraham, they eat and speak of our Lord’s plan of salvation (in soon causing…

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