Video : A Critique of Christian Zionism

A sister-in-Christ sent me the link to a video critiquing Christian Zionism.  Early in my Christian life I was a premillennial dispensationalist and a Zionist and I was somewhat attracted to Messianic Jews and the Hebrew Roots Movement.  I used to listen to charismatic Messianic Jew Sid Roth for example. Over time as I grew in my understanding of the prophetic language of Scripture and as I came to see that Christ and His apostles did not interpret the Old Testament promises in a dispensationalist way I rejected Zionism without becoming anti-Semitic or racist.  Some would dismissively call my beliefs “REPLACEMENT Theology”. What I truly believe should be called EXPANSION theology, the WALL-OF-PARTITION-BETWEEN-JEWS-AND-GENTILES-IS-GONE-ACCORDING-TO-EPHESIANS-CHAPTER-2 theology, PAUL-KNOWS-THE-OLD-TESTAMENT-BETTER-THAN-THE-SCOFIELD-BIBLE theology, LET-THE-BOOK-OF-HEBREWS-GUIDE-YOUR-UNDERSTANDING-OF-THE-OLD-TESTAMENT theology, Christ-centered-hermeneutics and Grace-based-hermeneutics (as opposed to Real-Estate-centered-hermeneutics or Race-based-hermeneutics). The New Testament is not a parentheses or a Plan B. The Abrahamic Covenant which followed the Messianic prophecy given to Adam, the father of all humanity (Jews and Gentiles), always had in view the salvation of people of all nations. The Abrahamic Covenant ALWAYS had in view THE CHURCH. Read Galatians. The Abrahamic Covenant has found its true and ultimate fullfillment in Jesus Christ.  I should trust Christ and the Apostle Paul in my understanding of the Old Testament promises rather than John Hagee, C. I. Scofield, John Nelson Darby, Jack Van Impe, Sid Roth, etc…   I challenge anyone to go through the whole New Testament and look at all the quotations of the Old Testament found therein (“It is written…”) and show me that Christ and the Apostles understood the Old Testament in a Zionist-dispensationalist way. For example, Acts chapter 15 gives us a quote of a prophecy in Amos which is applied to the Church by James through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Without controversy Hebrews 11 tells us clearly that Abraham was not preoccupied with earthly real estate but with a heavenly country and a heavenly city. Paul in Galatians applies Isaiah chapter 54 to the Church. Other examples could be mentioned.

Here’s the video link (1st Thessalonians 5:21) :


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  1. Much appreciate your commentary. Look forward to the video!

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