Joseph Smith did not understand the word “eternity”

I find some verses in Mormon literature have a certain “entertainment value”… and some make you say “how silly!” … for example I read this verse in the “Pearl” of “Great Price” where we see Joseph Smith, the storyteller… oops! I meant “Joseph Smith, the prophet wearing the Urim goggles”… totally mishandling the word “eternity” :
“And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto Enoch, and told Enoch all the doings of the children of men; wherefore ENOCH knew, and looked upon their wickedness, and their misery, and wept and stretched forth his arms, AND HIS HEART SWELLED WIDE AS ETERNITY; and his bowels yearned; AND ALL ETERNITY SHOOK.” (Moses 7:41)
How could ALL “eternity” shake if a whole ton of it – an infinite amount of it to be more precise – hasn’t happened yet? How could a finite creature’s heart be as wide as “eternity”?


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3 responses to “Joseph Smith did not understand the word “eternity”

  1. Good point, brother! His ideas are such nonsense that it’s hard to believe they are taken seriously.
    May I suggest something? Stay away from it. No one is above being influenced by evil in whatever form, even silliness. Hope this is okay to say. I couldn’t read his work because it parodies the Bible and messed with my mind. It made me feel sort of sickish – I didn’t want it in my mind. Please be cautious.
    Your sister,

    • I thank you for the suggestion. The reason I read the “Pearl” of “Great Price” was because of recent dealings with Mormon missionaries. Having already used certain Book of Mormon verses against them (e.g. some teaching the Trinity, some teaching that God has always been God) with some success and having had to deal with different groups of Mormon missionaries I decided to upgrade my knowledge of their errors and share some of my little discoveries with others by email. Some people appreciated my warnings.

      It shows us how depraved we can be outside of the grace of God when we see educated people believe Mormonism. What a religious con-job! False gospel to the max! A mess of contradictions and nonsense. The human heart given over to itself can and will believe anything absurd (e.g. Darwinian macro-evolution, Mormonism, Islam is a religion of peace, etc…).

      The “Pearl” of “Great Price” is a better representation of what Mormonism truly is : it explicitly teaches polytheism.

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