Having recently posted some videos this morning dealing with the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ I thought I would post this video dealing with Hinduism which holds to a contrary view concerning the afterlife (reincarnation). Reincarnation and resurrection cannot co-exist. Only one of the two can be true. To my knowledge “reincarnation” absolutely requires “karma”, a sort of “cosmic scoreboard” or “cosmic report card”. According to the teaching of “reincarnation” where you “reincarnate” after death depends on what you’ve done in the “previous life”. And that’s where “karma” comes in. But for “karma” to work requires a knowledge of good and evil. For there to be GOOD AND EVIL there must be an ABSOLUTE moral standard and a real distinction between good and evil. But how could a monistic view of reality (“all is one”) as is espoused by Hinduism account for good and evil? Where would such an absolute standard have come from? Where is it revealed? How is it revealed? If all is one then there is no good and there is no evil. All is one. Good and evil would be “illusions” in that case. There could not be any such thing as “karma” if you think about it because all is one. There are no real distinctions. If all is one then reality is schizophrenic and suffers from multiple personality disorder. And for “karma” to work requires that people have distinct, individual souls but how could that be if all is one? A monistic view of the universe cannot truly deal with the philosophical problem of the “one and the many”. But Biblical Christianity can.


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