Videos and Documents Dealing With Campbellite/Church of Christ Errors and Heresies

Having recently received a comment from someone who has Campbellite leanings and having already dealt with such people in the past I thought it good to put up some videos refuting the errors and heresies of the so-called Campbellite/Church of Christ”Restoration Movement”.

On the Christian Answers TV (Larry Wessels, apologetics and evangelism ministry) Youtube channel are 72 videos dealing with Campbellism :


Here’s a link to a document called “101 Questions for Campbellites” :

(Note : the website promotes 4-point Arminianism and dispensationalism which I rejected years ago.)

And here’s a short document dealing with Acts 2:38:



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3 responses to “Videos and Documents Dealing With Campbellite/Church of Christ Errors and Heresies

  1. Our neighbor belongs to, and is an elder in, a large local Disciples of Christ Church. Because of this, in trying to understand her church, I’m glad you posted this. Thank you!
    Here is something I found in searching for “Campbellism – Disciples of Christ.” I’m in the process of reading it:

    • Thank you for sharing. Even in the province of Quebec where there are not a whole lot of Protestants to speak of we have Church of Christ heretics. I’ve encountered some.

      • I managed to get through “101 Questions for Campbellites.” It was a struggle but worth it. I’ve bookmarked the exposition of Acts 2:38 at Let God Be True and the CAtv playlist. Thanks again!
        For a short time, we attended a local Church of Christ. The preacher’s wife was a co-worker of mine, and their church needed a pianist. We had no idea about anything being wrong – for the most part, we hadn’t been taught to examine the doctrine of any given church to test it. We thought “Bible believers” were just that. God’s grace took us out of this church.
        God bless you – enjoy your weekend and Lord’s day!

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