C. S. Lewis and His Belief in Purgatory

I recently watched a Youtube video debunking the Roman Catholic doctrine of purgatory (which is basically “Diet Universalism” or “Universalism Limited to Catholics Only”) and I noticed a video produced by a “Baptist” university titled “C. S. Lewis on Why Our Souls Demand Purgatory”. Having read a biography of C. S. Lewis years ago and not detecting any real repentance or true conversion in his life and not being impressed by some of his doctrinal views (such as purgatory) I naturally was not inclined to read his books however witty he may have been. In the aforementioned Youtube video we see Jerry Walls, an anti-Calvinist author, who is promoting here the hellish doctrine of purgatory which totally undermines the Gospel. Just on purgatory alone you can automatically reject Roman Catholicism as well as Jerry Walls. It’s not true Christianity. Purgatory is another Gospel (Galatians chapter 1). If professing Galatian Christians desiring to be circumcised received such a strong apostolic condemnation how much more should people teaching purgatory be condemned!

Mr. Walls wrote a book defending purgatory which is available on Amazon. Here’s the description of the book:

“Jerry L. Walls, the author of books on hell and heaven, completes his tour of the afterlife with a philosophical and theological exploration and defense of purgatory, the traditional teaching that most Christians require a period of postmortem cleansing and purging of their sinful dispositions and imperfections before they will be fully made ready for heaven. He examines Protestant objections to the doctrine and shows that the doctrine of purgatory has been construed in different ways, some of which are fully compatible with Protestant theology. In particular, while purgatory has often been understood as matter of punishment in order to make satisfaction for sins that have not been fully remitted, it can also be seen as the completion of the sanctification process, an account of the doctrine that is fully consistent with the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith. Purgatory assumes not only continuity of personal identity but also gradual moral and spiritual growth between death and resurrection. Different theories of personal identity are examined and assessed in light of these assumptions. Walls also shows that the traditional doctrine of purgatory is not understood as a second chance for salvation, but goes on to argue that it should be modified to allow for postmortem repentance. He concludes with an examination of C.S. Lewis’s writings on purgatory, and suggests that Lewis can be a model for evangelicals and other Protestants to engage the doctrine of purgatory in a way that is true to their theology.”

link: “Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation”

It shows how apostate that “Baptist” university is if they have a heretic like Mr. Walls on their staff teaching such a damnable, Christ-denying doctrine as purgatory. Since it has been predestined by God that the non-elect would one day unite with Rome in one way or another we shouldn’t be surprised to see the inevitability of false protestants and false Baptists becoming more and more Popish as we approach the unique and strictly visible Return of Christ. If we understand Revelation 19 and Daniel chapter 7 and 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 correctly we see that up till the end the papacy (the dynasty of popes – and not just one man – representing “the False Prophet” for centuries) will be a force and a ring leader against true Christianity up till the end despite past defeats and setbacks (e.g. Reformation, French Revolution, secularism, scandals) and that the papacy will only be judged at the Return of Christ.

Here’s the link to the video I mentioned followed by a video debunking purgatory:


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