Though I am an amillennialist like Mr. Adams and though I appreciate some of his argumentation for amillennialism I certainly do not hold to his preteristic view of the Book of Revelation. I find it odd that he argues on the one hand that Revelation is full of symbols but then at least twice in order to prove his preteristic view of Revelation he interprets the “temple of God” in Revelation chapter 11 as representing the physical temple in Jerusalem. Preterists and dispensational futurists both get it wrong.  They both automatically assume that the “temple of God” in Revelation chapter 11 and 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 refers to a building in Jerusalem.  And they both hold to a Roman-Catholic-friendly view on the topic of AntiChrist. I thank God I am neither a chuck-practically-every-prophetic-fulfillment-except-the-Return-of-Christ-into-the-distant-past preterist or a chuck-practically-every-prophetic-fulfillment-into-the-future futurist. Two ditches on the side of the road of eschatological truth. Two extremes to avoid. It’s a shame that the debate did not feature a historicist. Historicism just happened to be the majority view of right-thinking, God-fearing Baptists and Protestants for centuries. If I had to err I’d rather err on the side of long-held confessions of faith and historic Protestantism.


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