CAnswersTV: Over 100 Videos Dealing with Roman Catholicism


One ministry I strongly recommend which offers many video resources dealing with many different topics and groups (e.g. Mormons, JWs, Nation of Islam, United Pentecostals, etc…) is Christian Answers TV (Larry Wessels). They have put a ton of videos on Youtube.  On the topic of Roman Catholicism alone they have provided over 100 videos (e.g. testimonies, debates, interviews):

As a former Roman Catholic who was led instrumentally to the knowledge of the truth through people who were not afraid to condemn the false doctrines of Popery I praise the Lord for these video resources. When I was saved years ago (2001) there was no Youtube. Video streaming back then wasn’t as smooth as it is today and there weren’t a ton of Christian websites offering quality MP3 sermons.


See also:

Video : “From Atheism to Roman Catholicism to Jesus” (French woman’s conversion testimony)

Videos on Seventh Day Adventism from CAnswersTV

Videos: Annihilationism and the Biblical Doctrine of Hell (CAnswersTV)


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