The Pantheon of Greek Gods 2.0

You know how one Youtube video leads to another Youtube video which leads to another Youtube video which leads to an article which leads to… etc. etc. etc…. until you end up listening to a SermonAudio sermon. Well, at least in most cases, right? That’s what actually happened recently. One Youtube video led me to another Youtube video… and I don’t know how many others… until I saw one which made reference to a sermon about Hollywood. I listened to the first two and was quite impressed with the pastor’s zeal and courage to deal with a topic which would bother most professing Christians and be dismissed by many as being too “rigid”, legalistic and ultra-fundamentalist. While I do not necessarily approve of everything said in those sermons I do agree with a lot of what was said.

When someone does street preaching as that pastor has and is willing to go after idols (“sacred cows”) in the lives of Christians well that does get my attention. I looked for other sermons by the same pastor and I saw one which caught my eye. Especially because I was a big comic book fan in my pre-adolescent years. The sermon’s title is “Super Heroes: Replace Christ”. I listened to it and in it the pastor mentions something I had heard or seen previously elsewhere : that some of these comic book heroes are just modern incarnations of the false gods of Paganism. And that’s not just what one Christian pastor thinks. Even non-Christians are aware of this.  I did a quick Google search using the search terms “DC Comics greek Gods” and I found one fan website which had posted an article showing how some of the members of DC Comics’s Justice League corresponded more or less to the Pantheon of Greek Gods : Superman = Zeus, Aquaman = Neptune, Batman = Hades, Wonder Woman = Hera/Diana and Flash = Hermes. And I remember a post on a Christian movie critic’s blog years ago which mentioned parallels between the members of the Fantastic Four and gods of Paganism.

In the last mentioned sermon the pastor mentioned a Christian documentary called “The Replacement Gods”. Here’s the trailer for the documentary:

Let’s remember that nothing comes out of a vacuum and that there is no new thing under the sun. Paganism has changed its masks over the centuries. For example, with the emperor Constantine coming to power Paganism got a facelift and took on a “Christian” mask and was incorporated into the Paganized-Christianity-and-Church-and-State-hybrid of Roman Catholicism (which is not true Christianity!). Diana of the Ephesians eventually became the Mary of Roman Catholicism. Instead of the “gods” and “goddesses” of the Pagan Greco-Roman world we have the “saints” and “mediators” of the Roman Catholic Church. Nothing new under the sun.


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