The Primary and Obvious Meaning of “Death” – An Excerpt

This interesting post points to a free ebook refuting annihilationism.

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what-is-death-lolThe following quotation is taken from William Cochrane’s work against Conditional Immortality/Annihilationism, and other heretical views of the final end of man (e.g. universalism, etc). The book is free on Google Books. You can find it here.


We cannot accept the Annihilationists’ view of the death threatened in Eden, because they do not themselves adhere to it, and cannot adhere to it, without coming into direct conflict with what they acknowledge to be the teaching of Scripture. Those who embrace the phase of the doctrine of Conditional Immortality with which we are dealing, maintain (1) that the death threatened in Eden, and death in the primary and obvious sense of the word, are one and the same ; and both imply the extinction of a general Judgment, where the wicked shall have such punishment inflicted on them, as will issue in their final annihilation. It must be evident…

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