Moses the Intercessor and Would Be Sin-Bearer: Christ in Exodus 32

Here’s a study of Exodus chapter 32 which I read and enjoyed.

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israelitesIntercession and Substitutionary Atonement

In Exodus 32, the Holy Spirit presents Moses as a type of Christ, albeit from two different perspectives. Moses is first portrayed as the innocent representative intercessor of Israel before God. Immediately after, he is presented as the [would be] sin-bearing representative of God’s people. This brief article will examine these two types of Christ contained in Ex 32.

The Golden Calf Incident: Moses as Innocent Representative Intercessor of Israel

Moses was away with God, receiving the Law from him, and the people of Israel “offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings [to a newly constructed golden idol (calf)]. And the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play.”[1] God informs Moses of the recalcitrance of the hearts of the Israelites, announcing that it is not outside of his power to destroy the Israelite people and start a new nation…

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