A Video Critique of Hollywood Movie “Son of God” I Recently Found

While looking for other stuff I did stumble onto this Christian video critique of the relatively recent movie “Son of God”, a movie I have not seen and did not intend on seeing  :

Anytime someone involved with the Hollywood TV series “Touched by an Angel” deals with the Bible your “There’s-Something-Rotten-in-Denmark” Meter better go off.



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3 responses to “A Video Critique of Hollywood Movie “Son of God” I Recently Found

  1. So glad to see you tackling this – thank you! To me, this kind of film is one of the worst things out there.

    • I’ve been relatively quiet English-blog-wise… spent more time recently on the French blog and have started a “Doctrines of demons” series… I already have 8 articles written… have enough material for 4-5 more articles… I don’t have as much time and energy right now to write as much on this blog so I must content myself with mentioning some interesting videos and sermons for the time being…

      I will point out that I recently listened to two SermonAudio sermons which spoke to my conscience… the sermons attack Hollywood and its occult connections…

      Hollywood: Satanic Roots


      Hollywood: Satanic Roots Part 2


      Most churches today wouldn’t tolerate this kind of preaching. It hits the comfort zone with a baseball bat.

      • just what is needed! I’ll load these two and listen.

        I read sometimes at your French language blog, as much as I can, and enjoy both the posts and and practicing French. Keep up the good fight! Especially with the series on “Doctrines of demons.” I believe that many Christians would be surprised by the Biblical identification of these doctrines.

        Lord bless you!

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