God’s Sovereignty Over Man’s Mind: A Look At Daniel 1-5 (Pt.2)

Here’s the second part of an interesting article dealing with a particular aspect of God’s sovereignty over His creation : sovereignty over the workings of the human mind

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nebbie[Continued from Pt.1]

  1. Mental Collapse

As I mentioned in part 1, the four subsections of mental collapse run parallel to mental health, and should be understood as judgments for sin. Some are born less capable than others, meaning that their mental capacities have been brought about due to Adam’s sin/original sin, i.e. as a consequence of the fall. God is not obligated to give any one of his creatures the proper functioning of their minds; nevertheless, for most men he does give them the basic truths necessary for functioning quasi-rationally in the world. In the book of Daniel, we see God’s Sovereign rule over the minds of men not only in sustaining their rational capacities but in removing them.

  1. Insanity: As a judgment, God takes away the human mind of Nebuchadnezzar and gives him the mind of a beast. Dan 4:16: “Let his mind be changed from a man’s…

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