Video : “A Historic Southern Baptist View of the Final Salvation of the Saints (Dr. Tom Hicks)”


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7 responses to “Video : “A Historic Southern Baptist View of the Final Salvation of the Saints (Dr. Tom Hicks)”

  1. Hi! I plan to watch this video but in the meantime I wanted to ask if you’ve seen this. Would it be of interest to you? Lord bless you!

    • I thank you for sharing. I was aware of Jonathan Edwards’s postmillennialism. I’m not against an optimistic view but I’m not convinced that postmillennialism is Biblical at this present time (maybe I’m wrong). What I believe is this : the Ottoman empire (the sixth trumpet) did suffer setbacks and for a time Islam lost power politically, economically to the West… at the same time Popery also lost ground for a time… but as we approach the Coming of Christ we see these two great enemies of the Gospel growing in strength and influence again and I believe that they will come together (Revelation chapters 16, 19 and 20 which I believe give 3 views of the same final conflict but I could be wrong) in a certain way to oppose the Gospel and the true remnant more and more prior to the end… I could be wrong but I only see Islam being overthrown once for all at the Coming of Christ and only then… I believe the Lord at this time will use these modern “Babylonians” to punish apostates and wicked sinners… some foolish people (God rejecters) in the province of Quebec decided to publish the controversial cartoons in newspapers… talk about inviting trouble! especially in a province where there is a good number of “Babylonians”… I can only praise God that people who hate God were shown to be foolish in inviting judgment upon themselves and others of their ilk by doing something stupidly provocative… talk about playing Russian roulette! They died for a stupid cause… they died for the sake of being able to maliciously mock others… vanity of vanities!

      • I appreciate your comment – it’s very helpful. After years of misunderstanding what the Bible teaches about the end of the age, I’ve just discovered the historical Protestant view. Your caution concerning Edwards’s optimism is more in agreement with the Lord’s question about whether He will find faith on the earth when He returns. Yes, a remnant! I’ll read these chapters of Revelation to see what you mean in saying that they describe the same conflict. The revival of these threats, the Papal power, and the power of Islam, seems to line up with the mortal wound from which one of the heads revives. May the Lord keep and lead you!

      • It’s very interesting that in Revelation we have “judgment of Egypt” symbolism (locusts, frogs, hail, waters turning into blood) with spiritual Egypt representing Popery and Pharaoh representing “Mister Vatican”. Just as Old Testament, literal Egypt suffered during the plagues and was brought low Popery after different judgments (e.g. French Revolution) had been brought low. But as the people of God were starting to enjoy some liberty and were about to “go to the other side” the literal Pharaoh and his army pursued them in one final effort but they were overthrown by God. Drowned in the waters. I believe in the end “spiritual Pharaoh” and his “army” will unite in one final effort to destroy/enslave people of God and they will be destroyed just as literal Pharaoh’s army was destroyed. Instead of water they will “drown” in flames of fire when Christ shall return in glorious, holy judgment.

        I had written some articles in 2013 titled “Frogs, France and False Philosophy” presenting what I think is a plausible interpretation of the symbol though I admit my interpretation needs to be more polished. Locusts, a Beast and specific animals (leopard, bear, lion) pointed symbolically to specific kingdoms and empires I (as well as some other commentators like H. Grattan Guinness) believe the 3 frogs symbol could point to modern, infidel France… no other country in modern times as we approach the return of Christ has put been more influential for evil and social disruption as France has been (spread of false philosophies, atheism, skepticism, anarchy, revolution)… without the French Revolution we would not have had Soviet Russia, Communist China and Nazi Germany… I believe we are in the 6th vial period of time and the frogs representing infidelity and France particularly are an appropriate symbol… we could call the last 240+ years the Revolutionary Era… the salt of Biblical Christianity kept the American revolution from becoming an atheistic, chaotic mess… before Clovis king of the Franks became Roman Catholic the official symbol for his kingdom was 3 frogs… coincidence?… the principles of the French revolution have been and are at work in uniting and reshaping religions and governments and economies (religious ecumenical Fraternity, Freedom to live in sin, socialist-communist economic Equality) as Satan is very busy in this “short season” wherein he has and will have more freedom to gather the nations together against Christ… I believe we are in the “short season” mentioned after the Millenium (I am an “amillenialist”) which coincides with the kings (“God and Magog”) gathered together in chapters 16 and 19 (same battle, different views)… I believe “God and Magog” is a symbolic term for all the enemies of God working together and is not the “Gog and Magog” of the Book of Ezekiel… upon careful study one will find there are differences between the Gog of Revelation and the Gog of Revelation

  2. I’m grateful that you responded with your views about France. Thinking about this prophetically is not something I have done, but rather historically. (The only thing I’ve considered is the use of the guillotine.) I’m interested to share this with my husband who, sadly, has an almost instinctive dislike for this nation. And I try to encourage him to remember the Huegonots. Much studying to do! Though no one has a complete understanding of these things but the Lord, I believe that our thoughts and prayerful opinions are important.


    Those who deny that water baptism is essential for salvation seem to never exhaust there examples of faulty reasoning.

    Mark 16:16 “He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. (NKJV)

    Faulty reasoning of the “faith only” proponents explain that since Mark 16:16 does not say he who is not baptized will be condemned, then immersion in water is not required in order to be saved.

    Verses of Scripture do not require that the consequences of ignoring an imperative statement be validated by being included in every verse. Common understanding of language is the only requirement.

    If a doctor tells a person if they receive a liver transplant they will live, he does not need to tell that person if they refuse the transplant they will die. Imperatives are understood.

    A BIBLICAL IMPERATIVE: Acts 16:25-34 ….30 And he brought them out and said”Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”31 So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” (NKJV)

    Paul and Silas did not have to tell the jailer he would lost if he did not believe. Imperatives are understood.

    Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is an understood imperative in order to be saved.

    Being baptized in water is an understood imperative in order to be saved.


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