My Challenge to Dispensationalists


Being a former dispensationalist I challenge any dispensationalist to do the following:

– go through the whole New Testament and gather the 100+ verses that mention or refer to “kingdom of God/heaven” while comparing parallel Gospel accounts of similar “kingdom” teachings and show me beyond a reasonable doubt that 1) “kingdom of God” and “kingdom of heaven” are not interchangeable and speaking of same entity and that 2) one of those “kingdoms” (if dispensationalism is correct) is entirely future and has no present fulfillment in this day and age in which we live

– go through the whole New Testament and look at every “It is written” verse without selectively “sweeping any under the rug” and please show me that Christ and the Apostles always interpreted Old Testament prophecies according to a strictly “literal” hermeneutic

– please show me in Daniel chapter 2 whether prophecy of “GOD of HEAVEN setting up a kingdom” (Daniel 2:44) is speaking of “kingdom of GOD” or “kingdom of HEAVEN” (if these are two separate entities)


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