Good Article Dealing with Novelty of Romanist Doctrine of Mary’s (Supposed) Immaculate Conception

Mary2A sister-in-Christ kindly mentioned to me recently a recent article dealing with the novelty of the unbiblical doctrine of Mary’s Immaculate Conception held dogmatically by the Roman Catholic Church since 1854. I read it and thought it useful and worth mentioning to others.  You can read the article by clicking on the following link:

The same blog published an interesting article recently on French Roman Catholic writer Fenelon’s intolerance towards the Protestant Huguenots:

Interesting Articles About Fenelon’s Intolerance Toward Protestants

I remember reading in an old book* years ago that the papacy had hesitated for some time to officially and “infallibly” declare the dogma because the Dominicans were not fans of the unbiblical doctrine while the Franciscans and Jesuits were.

* I forget if the book was Dowling’s “History of Romanism” or M. F. Cusack’s “The Black Pope”


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