Video : “The Christmas Nativity Scene and Francis of Assisi: The 2nd Commandment Broken”

My quick comment: The Nativity Scene, which was created in 13th century Europe, did not come from the godly, persecuted Waldensians but rather from that idolater and servant/ally of murderous and wicked pope Innocent III, Francis of Assisi. If we know the tree is rotten what should we think of its fruits? Let us not forget that the Franciscans and Dominicans were raised up by the devil in the 13th century as a pro-Romanist religious “PR move” in response to the zeal and self-denial of the Poor Men of Lyons (Peter Waldo, Waldensians) who truly served the Lord in those dark and ignorant days of the Dark Ages just as the Jesuits were raised up by the devil to counter the Reformers in the 16th century. God’s action followed by devil’s reaction. Just read the Book of Acts. God’s truth comes out and is preached and devil goes into “damage control” mode (e.g. raising up of heresies and heretics including “judaizers” in different shapes and forms, persecutions). The Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits are just Satanic counterfeits of true servants of God. Having an appearance of piety, filled with lots of carnal, religious zeal and doing many works for to be seen of men while resisting the true Gospel, these servants of the devil have led many a soul to hell and hardened many a Roman Catholic to the truth. I thank the Lord for saving me out of popery years ago!


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