The Divide and [Try Really, Really, Really Hard to] Conquer Attack on Scripture

Another good apologetics article!

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tiny books in a bookScripture is a unit, a whole made up of parts that are inseparably related to one another. And this is precisely where the unbeliever attempts to undermine the Scriptures. Whereas the Bible is a unity, the unbeliever tries to divide the Scriptures into competing pericopes, books, theologies, and so on. If the Scriptures can be shown to be incoherent, he thinks, then they can thus be shown to be of purely human origin. These dividers of the Bible separate it into supposedly irreconcilably different texts this through a variety of means.

For instance, an unbeliever may claim that the modern Bible has changed over time to reflect the opinions of various interpretive communities. This supposes that the Bible was at some point in time a unity that history and socio-politics deconstructed and reconstructed the text we have today. The division is, then, between the original and the present day corruption.

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