Advice for Christians Struggling Spiritually

I read these words in Charles Bridge’s very good commentary on the Book of Proverbs:

“The special time for the resistance of this deadly disease [of sloth in the context], is when we are most under its power. When the Bible is uninteresting as  a common book, then is the time to live in it with patient diligence. When prayer is cold and heartless, instead of giving up, hold on, however feebly, yet with perseverance.  When in a state of listless exertion, be employed for God and for his Church. Form habits of early energy. Beware of a dreaming sentimentalism. Cultivate bodily activity. Regard the incursions of sloth as the effects of those poisons, which, while they cause sleep, unless counteracted by constant resistance, must prove fatal. Yet with all these means, never forget the only only principle, that makes them effectual – prayer, unceasing, believing, “looking unto Jesus”, who not only gives life, but liveliness.”

(page 329, commentary on chapter 19, verse 24)


See also:

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