A Critique of “Exodus” Movie Starring Christian Bale

Exodus2The following link points to an article offering a critique of certain elements found in the recently released Hollywood movie “Exodus” which supposedly portrays God as a pre-adolescent youth prone to tantrums, which was directed by Ridley Scott, an agnostic, and which stars actor Christian Bale, a non-Christian:


Note : I do not agree necessarily with everything written by Mr. Godawa… though I have appreciated some of his movie-related articles in the past and have made mention of them to other Christians I cannot for example approve of his Gary-Demar-type full preterism which I believe totally betrays a wrong view of the AntiChrist and of the time periods associated with the prophetic contents of the Book of Revelation… Protestant full preterism is just a more lethal dose of reheated, repackaged Roman Catholic preterist eschatology (e.g. Alcasar, Bossuet)


See also:

Video: “Exodus Star Christian Bale calls Moses Schizophrenic and Barbaric”

Refuting Full Preterism : Some Helpful Resources


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