Video : “John Knox: Scotland’s Reformer”

2014 = 500th anniversary of the birth of Scottish Reformer John Knox


See also:

John Knox’s First Public Sermon : Daniel Chapter 7



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2 responses to “Video : “John Knox: Scotland’s Reformer”

  1. Hi!

    I haven’t looked at this yet, but had no other way to contact you to see if you’d like to read a post at a Reformed blog. Would you be interested in this post? title French, text English, categorized Ecumenism:


    Going to read it now.

    • Thank you for this great article! It may lead to an article on my French blog God willing when I’ll have more free time.

      I know a Baptist years ago who shared some things written by Fenelon (in a positive light). It’s good to know the truth about this sinister persecutor of God’s people.

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