A Non-Left-Behind-ish View of Daniel Chapters 2 and 7

While looking for sermons I found this quick and informative exposition of the prophetic contents of Daniel chapters 2 and 7:


The PDF document presents the information in PowerPoint style.  Not too many words and a good number of images. A quick read.

The viewpoint espoused is both historicist and amillennialist and I hold to both views at this present time.

Please note that there is the mention of musical instruments in the document as brought in by Roman Catholicism in the Middle Ages. I believe the assembly that put out the helpful document is against musical instruments. I am not dogmatic about whether or not an assembly of God should use musical instruments for worship (and maybe I’m wrong on the issue). I’ve been in assemblies that did it acapella and in assemblies using musical instruments. I prefer without instruments.

I believe there is a typo in the document. 1954 is mentioned in connection with the official proclamation of the non-Biblical doctrine of Immaculate Conception of Mary. 1854 is the correct date. Pius IX was the pope ruling the Roman Catholic Church back then.


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