Federal Vision / Auburn Avenue Theology : A Road to Rome

The Pope Thanks Doug Wilson and the Federal Vision Movement(source of image : http://www.swrb.com/newslett/freebook/dwilson.htm)

*** The caricature is not mine… it was found on the Still Waters Revival Books website… I thought it was both eye-catching and appropriate for this blog post… please know that I am not against everything Doug Wilson has ever taught but I am very concerned about him teaching Federal Vision… whether Doug Wilson is aware of it or not Federal Vision is leading some pedobaptists back to Rome as you will read in this article… is Doug Wilson automatically an apostate and headed for hell fire because of his present view on the Federal Vision? Only the Lord knows his heart… was not Barnabas for a time led astray by the Judaizers (Galatians chapter 2)? When it comes to deception I believe that there are 4 basic categories: 1) elect “laity” deceived (for a time on certain things); 2) elect elders deceived (for a time on certain things for different reasons : pride, ignorance, fear of man, love of money, love of fame, lack of study, lack of communion with God, lack of faith, etc…); 3) non-elect deceived and 4) false teachers/prophets deceiving and self-deceived… The Lord only knows if he is part of category number 2 or category number 4 which is not impossible because we have been warned beforehand that some men disguised as ministers of light would infiltrate the churches (e.g. Acts chapter 20, 2 Corinthians chapter 11, Revelation chapter 2). ***

The following paragraphs were taken from the blog of an ex-Calvinist who converted to Roman Catholicism. (I’m a former Roman Catholic who by the grace of God is now a Calvinist.) These are his interesting remarks about the Federal Vision which like the 19th century Oxford Movement (and today’s pro-mysticism Emergent Church movement) is another road to Romanism:

“While at Westminster Seminary, I began to flirt with the Episcopal Church and joined the Anglican tradition as an “orthodox conservative.” I saw the need for the Eucharist as the focal point of Christ’s covenant. I also saw the need for a historical organic Church, bound through time in Apostolic Succession. A few years later I became an Anglican priest and spent my time reading through the volumes of N.T. Wright. Then I finally did the unspeakable – I became…Catholic.”

“Needless to say, I now follow the “Federal Vision” debate in the Reformed realm of theology with great interest. I suspect that it will play out like the Oxford Movement of the Church of England in the 19th century. The Federal Visionists will soon see that they are not tolerated by Presbyterians and over time they will be persecuted. Some of their great minds will become Catholic. Others will break away and start their own “Reformed Catholic” movements (similar to the Anglo-Catholic Ritualist movements). These breakaways will continue to write and develop their thought.”

“What is Federal Vision? The Federal Vision movement is so termed because it stresses the foedus, Latin for “covenant.” They are covenantal theologians par excellence. Fundamentally, Federal Visionists reject the bi-covenantal structure of the Scriptures taught in the Presbyterian articles of the Westminster Confession of Faith. In other words, the universe does not rotate on covenantal axis of “Works” and “Grace.” Federal Visionists would say that obedience and works are not opposed to grace. They rightly point out that before the fall, Adam worked, obeyed, and received the grace/favor of God. Grace and obedience are not opposed to one another.”

“It is not a surprise then that Federal Visionists believe that justification is best understood as “union with Christ” and not as the imputation of righteousness in a strict merit/demerit transaction. Very biblical and very Catholic.”

“Federal Visionists believe that the sacrament of Baptism actually accomplishes union with Christ – not in a nominal way, but in an ontological way. Again, very biblical and very Catholic. A person is Christian if they are baptized – they are either a “good Christian” or an “apostate Christian.” This somewhat approximates the way Catholics understand being in a state of grace or mortal sin.”

“FEDERAL VISIONISTS UNDERSTAND “ELECTION” primarily in terms of sacramental participation, MUCH AS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES.”

“ULTIMATELY, I THINK THAT YOUNGER PRESBYTERIANS WILL GRAVITATE TOWARD WHAT THE FEDERAL VISION OFFERS.. Many will sink their teeth into it and many will find it wanting. MANY WILL DISCOVER THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THEIR TRUE HOME, and many will discover her in a great moment of joy. THIS FEDERAL VISION IS REALLY ONLY A PEEK INTO THE KEYHOLE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. The Federal Visionist has a vision of the beautiful things inside, but they have not yet appreciated the warmth of a true home.”

source: http://cantuar.blogspot.com/2007/05/catholic-prespective-on-federal-vision.html

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