Video : “Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root” (David Engelsma)

Youtube video description:

Author interview with Prof. David Engelsma about his book “Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root”
Availability of “Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root”:­ew-release-federal-vision (America) (U.K., Europe)

My quick comment : though I am no pedobaptist I am worried by the spread of this heresy among pedobaptistic calvinists… just like the New Perspective on Paul it is an attack against the doctrines of Grace (e.g. individual election)



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2 responses to “Video : “Federal Vision: Heresy at the Root” (David Engelsma)

  1. Shawn McGrath

    It is unfortunate that someone like Douglas Wilson is involved in this. I have learned allot from him and enjoy his books, debates and blog but this I have a difficult time with.

    • I already had at least 2 more blog posts planned dealing with the Federal Vision. The next one I believe will be published November 8th. In that article titled “Federal Vision : A Road to Rome” I had written the following words at the beginning of the article (because I had used a caricature taken from the Still Waters Revival Books website and in it there is Doug Wilson… the caricature is not unlike the William Lane Craig standing next to the pope caricature of a few years ago):

      Please know that I am not against everything Doug Wilson has taught … I am very concerned about him teaching Federal Vision… is Doug Wilson automatically an apostate and headed for hell fire because of his present view on the Federal Vision? Only the Lord knows his heart… was not Barnabas for a time led astray by the Judaizers (Galatians chapter 2)?

      When it comes to deception I believe that there are 4 basic categories:

      1) elect “laity” deceived (for a time on certain things)
      2) elect elders deceived (for a time on certain things for different reasons : pride, ignorance, fear of man, love of money, love of fame, lack of study, lack of communion with God, lack of faith, etc…)
      3) non-elect deceived
      4) false teachers/prophets deceiving and self-deceived

      The Lord only knows if he is part of category number 2 or category number 4 which is not impossible because we have been warned beforehand that some men disguised as ministers of light would infiltrate the churches (e.g. Acts chapter 20, 2 Corinthians chapter 11, Revelation chapter 2).

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