666: Some Romans Who Have Had a Name Containing the Number SIX In It


While eating breakfast I was continuing to read portions of a 19th century book dealing with the number 666. The author advocates the interpretation first given in writing by the early Church writer Irenaeus* (2nd century A.D.). Irenaeus had proposed that the Greek word “Lateinos” (Latins, Latin ones, Latin kingdom) as the proper name identifying the Beast of Revelation chapter 13 which is first and foremost a kingdom. Let us remember that the beasts depicted in the Book of Daniel represent first and foremost kingdoms with the horns of the beasts representing individual kings or lines of kings.

The view of Irenaeus which was adopted by different and learned Protestant writers of the past complements my view of the mark of the number 666 which was advocated centuries ago by John Napier, the inventor of logarithms. One of the the three Greek letters giving the number 666 is the letter CHI which according to the Greek numbering system is equal to 600. That Greek letter is in the shape a CROSS and CHI was part of the CHI-RHO which was popularized by Emperor Constantine and also used by Popes for centuries up to the present day. Pope Francis’s official heraldry with the 2 keys crossed is in the shape of CHI which again is one of the three Greek letters giving the number 666.  Hmmm… Latin… shape of a cross… add in the symbol of whore representing an apostate church found in Revelation chapter 17 associated with a city sitting on seven hills ruling over the kings of the earth, Rome, and it’s hard not to see Roman Catholicism.

* a disciple of a disciple of the apostle John who wrote Revelation

I read in the aforementioned book a portion mentioning a past belief among the Romans that Rome would be ruined someday by someone who was a “Sextus”. “Sextus” is a Latin word meaning “SIXTH”**. “Sextus” is a name which was used by different popes. There have been at least five Pope Sextuses in history meaning there have been five popes whose Papal name literally meant “SIXTH”.  When we also consider the Roman numerals found in the names of popes we’ve had some who have had VI in their Papal names… again the number 6… among popes we’ve had at least 6 Benedicts, 6 Gregorys, 6 Piuses, 6 Clements, 6 Innocents, 6 Johns, 6 Stephens, 6 Bonifaces, 6 Leos, 6 Urbans, 6 Alexanders***, 6 Adrians and 6 Pauls. We have not yet had a Pope SEXTUS (the “sixth”) the VIth – two 6’s in the name.

** Pope Pius the SIXTH was arrested and taken away from Rome by Napoleon’s troops… the Romans I guess had a good hunch about a “Sextus” (sixth) one day ruining Rome

*** Alexander the SIXTH was the infamous Borgia pope

What other institution in world history, associated with Rome and with Latin (“Lateinos”) and with apostasy from true Christianity and has been a “little horn” which gradually grew in power among 10 temporal kings on the Roman empire’s territory, has had the number 6 literally in their names/titles? You can’t say that about Nero. (The number 666 was written in Greek not Hebrew so the attempts to pin 666 on Nero which began with German liberals in the 19th century and not true children of God ultimately fail.) You can’t say that either about Obama, Henry Kissinger, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Hitler, etc…. What other political and religious entity has Latin as an official language (Vatican, Roman Catholic Church)? What other religious, political entity has a Latin Bible as its official Bible even elevating the Latin above the inspired Greek and Hebrew originals (according to the Council of Trent’s fourth session)?


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