High Levels of Calvinism in Proverbs 16:1

Good morning!

In the past few weeks I’ve been reading a few pages a day of Charles Bridges’s excellent commentary on Proverbs. I can understand why Charles Spurgeon had highly recommended this commentary and had considered it the best commentary on Proverbs to his knowledge.  This morning I read Mr. Bridges’s notes on Proverbs 16:1 and I was highly pleased with what I read. I must say that I’d like to be able to write like he did.

I will put up some screen captures of his notes. The screen captures were taken from a public domain, free-to-download electronic version of the aforementioned commentary:

Bridges2Bridges3Bridges4Bridges5I will mention also that Charles Bridges also wrote a commentary on Ecclesiastes which I have consulted in the past and which I would highly recommend:

Ecclesiastes : Some Recommended Commentaries


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