News : Ian Paisley Has Died Today


I just found out today that Ian Paisley, a Free Presbyterian minister and a former prominent politician in Northern Ireland, has died. I have listened to some of his messages over the years and have appreciated the few I heard.  He sure wasn’t a “Valium preacher”. He preached with zeal and conviction.  Sadly he did not have the wisdom of his father, a Baptist, on the baptism issue but nobody’s perfect, right? I can’t say that I necessarily agreed with all of his doctrinal positions or of his associations. But I do rejoice that he was a Calvinist who stood for the Word of God, combated liberalism and publicly condemned Freemasonry (even though some suspect he might have been a Mason himself… Mr. Paisley to my knowledge was not an official member of the Orange Order which likely is Masonic or Masonically-inspired). Here are a few videos and audio sermons of his which I listened to and enjoyed (particularly his 1988 radio debate with the liberal Protestant theologian on the issue of Bible prophecy):

Audio : “1988 Talk Back Catholicism Radio Debate”

Audio : “The German Reformer Martin Luther”

Audio : “The Scottish Reformer John Knox”

Audio : “The French Reformer John Calvin”

Audio : “The Black Pope and His Murdermen, Exposing the Jesuits, Roman Catholicism”

Video : Ian Paisley Heckles the Pope (1988)

Video : Five Steps To Genuine Revival-Ian Paisley-Full Sermon(with captions)



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2 responses to “News : Ian Paisley Has Died Today

  1. I’ve learned a lot, and am still learning, from brother Paisely. Thankful for his ministry and looking forward to meeting him in glory as we walk with Jesus 🙂


  2. He sure wasn’t a wishy-washy-try-to-please-everybody-Joel-Osteen-type preacher and I admire him for that. We need more Ian Paisley’s today.

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