Video : “Serpent Seed Examined: Satan and Eve Had Sex? What! Let’s check in scripture!”

While looking for French-language videos critiquing the Prosperity Gospel I stumbled onto a video critiquing William Branham, a false Pentecostal prophet who denied the Trinity. That video led me this video which critiques the false serpent seed doctrine taught by William Branham:

I actually know someone who believes this false teaching and who tried to convince me that it was Biblical.

Now I have not watched the other videos of the man who made the video so I probably may not approve of other things he teaches. I thought the video presented good arguments but I would have liked some qualification when he said that Cain was cursed after the murder of Abel and not from birth. The argument is : Serpent Seed doctrine teaches that Cain was cursed from birth because of having the serpent as his LITERAL father but a special curse is only mentioned in connection to Cain years after his birth so Cain could not have been LITERAL child of serpent. Cain was not particularly cursed (in temporal matters) more than anyone else prior to the Abel’s murder – I agree – but like every descendant of Adam he is cursed and under sin and condemned to die physically. I assume the man who produced the video believes this but a qualification would have been nice.


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