Video : “The AntiChrist Drives a Cadillac”

More nonsense on Youtube:


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3 responses to “Video : “The AntiChrist Drives a Cadillac”

    • Without looking at his “exegesis” (at least his pathetic attempt at exegesis) the rosary is a dead giveaway that he’s a Roman Catholic. Is he acting foolish on purpose or is he that confused?

      • Yes, a Catholic. In my totally-absorbed-in-YouTube days, I watched a few of his videos. It was a shock to me then to see that he was a Catholic, because I didn’t think Catholics did this kind of End Times speculation. But, truthfully, didn’t they start all of this?
        Anyway, is he confused or acting? Whatever the answer is, those who watch him and comment appear to be take him seriously. He probably isn’t lying about their input on some of this speculation (as with numbers).
        One interesting comment was that the actor who did the commercial played “the role of Jesus” in a Vatican approved audio Bible. Now that, well – that is something to remark.
        Thanks ephesians2013, though this looks like a laughing matter (and I did a bit), I believe we need to know that it’s happening and how people are responding to it.

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