The Foundational Contradiction of Rome: x = ~x

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Crazy Confused PriestA Glaring Problem for the Supposed Infallibility of Rome

For some strange reason, a Roman Catholic apologist (for Romanism) invited me to his blog to read his confused interpretation of Romans 4. The blog was not only unnecessary (seeing as his private interpretation is not infallible and, therefore, not binding upon me as a Christian), it was also very confused. Of course, the confusion was attributed to me. I was then informed of several other equally disorientingly long – and no doubt equally as confused – blog posts that I would have to read to clear up my confusion. This kind of thing, if you have tried to deal squarely with what Rome teaches and how she is in error, is not abnormal. Most Roman Catholic apologists do this once they have been cornered into having to answer the claims of Scripture.

For the sake of clarity, then, let us…

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