Engaging in Conversation

Having had different encounters with cult members, especially Mormons, I really appreciated what Mr. Koukl shares in the video. The video is about 7 minutes long and well worth your time. Enjoy!


Knock, knock.I was on my way for a coffee break when I saw two very nice Mormon gentlemen walking on Main Street here in Moncton the other day. They were attempting to get some folks that were walking by to speak with them. Whenever I see these gentlemen I try very hard to stop and chat with them but when I’m at work that becomes very difficult. I like to share with them the gospel of the bible and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing your faith with Mormons or members of the Watchtower Society can sometimes be difficult since they are well trained prior to making attempts to engage you in conversation.

I thought I would share a little video from Greg Koukl on how to approach these folks. It is certainly a good start and may help if you are asked to share your faith with them.

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