Sermon I recently enjoyed : “Ye Have an Unction” by Charles Alexander


A sister-in-Christ recently sent me a sermon available on SermonAudio which does deal with the topic of AntiChrist and the mystery of iniquity. I enjoyed what the brother preached in his day. Very relevant words for our day in light of what is going on (growing apostasy within professing Protestantism, growing ecumenical fornication with Rome). Just click on the following link to go to the sermon:

I hope to start writing some fresh new posts in the near future (e.g. finish “Doctrines of Demons” series of posts) but right now I’ve been busy preparing new posts for my French blog believing it was more of a priority since I know French speaking Protestants (whether in Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Africa) don’t have as many good quality Protestant books in their own tongue compared to English and German Protestants and I felt I had a lot to share in terms of French language book recommendations.

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One response to “Sermon I recently enjoyed : “Ye Have an Unction” by Charles Alexander

  1. A very good sermon! Thanks for sharing

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