The Millennium Part 2 : Another Interesting Book


While working on a blog post on my French blog dealing with Revelation chapter 17 I was able to find on Google Books Christopher Wordsworth’s “Lectures on the Apocalypse” (free e-book).  Having years ago read and appreciated his book “Union with Rome – Is not the Church of Rome the Babylon of the Book of Revelation?”, a document which refutes both the dispensationalist-futurist and preterist views of Revelation chapter 17, I was naturally curious to look at his larger commentary on Revelation (about 500 pages). Particularly his view of the Millennium. Well I was not disappointed. The author was an amillennialist and 2 of his lectures refute premillennialism. I read the second of the 2 lectures on the Millennium and really enjoyed what he wrote… except for a few statements here and there that were tainted by the author’s Anglicanism and at least 2 statements I read struck me as Arminian. Nobody’s perfect. 1st Thessalonians 5:21.

Here’s an interesting quote from the book :

You have all been baptized into the spiritual Body of Christ, which is His Church; you have thus been “made members of Christ, children of God, and inheritors of the kingdom of heaven.” Blessed therefore, so far, are ye; for you have been admitted to have part in the first Resurrection. But remember, the words are, Blessed and holy is he who hath part in the first Resurrection. You cannot be blessed, unless you are holy. You cannot have a permanent part in the first Resurrection unless you walk in newness of life. If ye are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above. It is vain for you to have been born into Christ, unless you live with Christ, in Christ, and for Christ. 

Here are some screen captures of pages from his book showing the contents of those Millennium lectures:



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