The AntiChrist Part 9 : “The AntiChrist Chronicles” (video series available on Youtube)


While looking recently for videos on the topic of AntiChrist that I hoped to add to my previous AntiChrist posts I found Steve Wohlberg’s Youtube channel. When I came to the conviction in 2005 that the papacy (the dynasty of popes) is THE man of sin, THE son of perdition, THE little horn of Daniel chapter 7 and THE (definite article) AntiChrist (capital A) I looked for text and audio resources fleshing out the historic Baptist-Protestant view of AntiChrist and I remember hearing some audio recordings of Steve Wohlberg’s prophecy teachings presenting the true view of AntiChrist while debunking “Left Behind”. I did appreciate Mr. Wohlberg’s presentation even though he is a Seventh Day Adventist*.  Having appreciated some of his resources in the past I was led to watch the following videos dealing with the subject of AntiChrist:

1 – The Antichrist in the Bible

2 – The Antichrist and the Rapture

3 – The Antichrist and the Falling Away

4 – Antichrist is the Son of Perdition

5 – Antichrist in the Temple of God

6 – Antichrist and the Restrainer

7 – Antichrist and the Protestant Reformation

8 – Antichrist Revealed in His Time

10 – Antichrist and the Counter Reformation

11 – The Protestant Switch to a New Antichrist

12 – Remember the Alamo and the Martyrs

I appreciated the quality and content of the presentations. The speaker does not use a virulent, Fred-Phelps-like approach. The videos are very accessible. Mr. Wolhberg was filmed speaking to a congregation within a church setting so these aren’t disconnected-from-reality, ivory-tower-theologian presentations. I also appreciated that the the presentation was segmented into 12 30-minute sections dealing with the relevant topics (e.g. identification of “the temple of God”).  As always : 1st Thessalonians 5:21. Apart from mentioning that there are occasional Arminian statements here and there in the videos I will warn you that I noticed that in video number 9 which deals with denying Christ in the flesh he seems to believe falsely that Christ inherited a sin nature. That’s how I understood what he was trying to teach concerning AntiChrist “denying Christ came in the flesh”. Is that the view of all Seventh Day Adventists? I wouldn’t be able to stay yes or no off the bat. Some statements of Ellen G. White seem to teach the same error while other statements of hers supposedly teach the correct view of Christ’s human nature. I don’t have enough information to be able to say with 100% certainty that that was her official view during all the time of her supposed “ministry”.  (I do not believe she was a prophet of God.)

My view concerning AntiChrist denying Christ came in the flesh is not the same as the view presented by Mr. Wohlberg. I wrote about it in a previous post. Let us remember that AntiChrist is a deceiver. We are not to foolishly think that he would come out openly and say “Christ did not have a body of flesh and blood”. We should not expect the AntiChrist to be a docetist. We should expect him to deny that Christ came in the flesh in a subtle and deceitful way.

* I disagree for example with their doctrine of annihilationism (the damned annihilated at the final judgment as opposed to the traditional Christian view of eternal sufferings for the damned), the 2300-days-meaning-years-in-Daniel-chapter-8 theory, a “secret coming” of Christ in 1844, an Arminian view of salvation mixed in with a form of works salvation, continuation of the 7th day sabbath and their belief that Ellen G. White was a prophet; for more info on Seventh Day Adventism, I will suggest this audio sermon which I heard years ago : “Seventh – Day Adventists – Beyond The Gospel” (Ian Goligher); I would also suggest Larry Wessels’ videos available on Youtube (use the seach terms “Larry Wessels Seventh Day Adventists”) which deal with the topic of Seventh Day Adventism

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