Book Recommendation : “Calvin and Commerce : The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies (Calvin 500 Series)” by David W. Hall and Matthew D. Burton


I recently finished an interesting book dealing with economics and commerce viewed within a Calvinistic worldview.  It’s called “Calvin and Commerce”. The book is only a few years old and had been written for the fairly recent Calvin 500 Series in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the French Protestant Reformer John Calvin.  The book is a relatively quick read. About 200 pages.  The book deals with topics such as welfare and helping the DESERVING poor, profits, usury (charging interest) and a Biblical work ethic. While I do not claim that the book is 100% perfect I do heartily recommend it. Since money and material possessions are mentioned in over 2000 verses in the Bible and since private property is protected by 2 of the 10 Commandments I don’t think talking about money is something that is “non-spiritual”. On the contrary! How we as stewards use the Lord’s money is very important to God.

For those who would like to hear related lectures by David W. Hall (Presbyterian), one of the authors of the book, here are some audio files freely available on SermonAudio:

David W. Hall, “Calvin and Welfare: Diaconal Ministry in Geneva and Beyond” ( Spring Bible Conference 2009)

David W. Hall, “Calvin and Work: Calling, Business Ethics & Capitalism” (Spring Bible Conference 2009)

For those who would like to hear more lectures on a Biblical view of commerce and economics, may I suggest the downloadable MP3 lectures (particularly “Collection 2 : Intermediate Economics”) found on the Trinity Foundation website (Orthodox Presbyterian)?

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