Video : “Titanic Truths about the Temple”

While looking recently for videos on the topic of AntiChrist that I hoped to add to my previous AntiChrist posts I found Steve Wohlberg’s Youtube channel. When I came to the conviction in 2005 that the papacy (the dynasty of popes) is THE man of sin, THE son of perdition, THE little horn of Daniel chapter 7 and THE (definite article) AntiChrist (capital A) I looked for text and audio resources fleshing out the historic Baptist-Protestant view of AntiChrist and I remember hearing some audio recordings of Steve Wohlberg’s prophecy teachings presenting the true view of AntiChrist while debunking “Left Behind”. I did appreciate Mr. Wohlberg’s presentation even though he is a Seventh Day Adventist*.  Having appreciated some of his resources in the past I was led to watch the following 60 minute video dealing with the topic of the true “temple (naos) of God” and the false futurist-dispensationalist notion of a future rebuilt temple:

I appreciated the video presentation because he does deal with Daniel chapter 9, 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and the “temple of God” mentioned in Revelation. As always : 1st Thessalonians 5:21. I will warn you that after having watched some of his AntiChrist Chronicles videos I noticed that he seems to believe falsely that Christ had a sin nature. That’s how I understood what he was trying to teach concerning AntiChrist “denying Christ came in the flesh”. Some statements of Ellen G. White seem to teach the same error while other statements supposedly teach the correct view of Christ’s human nature.

* I disagree for example with their doctrine of annihilationism (the damned annihilated at the final judgment as opposed to the traditional Christian view of eternal sufferings for the damned), the 2300-days-meaning-years-in-Daniel-chapter-8 theory, a “secret coming” of Christ in 1844, an Arminian view of salvation mixed in with a form of works salvation, continuation of the 7th day sabbath and their belief that Ellen G. White was a prophet; for more info on Seventh Day Adventism, I will suggest this audio sermon which I heard years ago : “Seventh – Day Adventists – Beyond The Gospel” (Ian Goligher)


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  1. Hello,
    Just an FYI note (would have sent it by email): In the light of the various topics/issues you have touched on in this blog post*, as well as your blog’s theme in general, the topics discussed on my “Theological Views” Blog may be interesting/helpful to you. (Let me know if you need specific post links)

    * e.g., (Historical) Man of Sin; SDAs; SDA Preachers, EGW, Hell, Dan /70 Weeks; 2300 days – Christ’s coming (to Most Holy Place); nature of Christ; Revelation’s Prophecy; Arminianism; the 7th Day Sabbath; Faith & Works (=Righteousness) etc.

    • Though I have some similarities eschatology-wise (e.g. Man of Sin, day-year principle for Daniel chapters 7 and 9) with what some Seventh Day Adventists teach I am not a Seventh Day Adventist… I am a Reformed Baptist holding to what Baptists generally held historically concerning eschatology… not only do I differ from SDA’s on the issue of soteriology (I am Calvinistic) but I also I differ on the issue of eschatology… for example, I do not interpret Daniel chapter 8 as Seventh Day Adventists do believing that the context (days of the second Greek beast) limits the fulfillment to 2300 days and not years… I do not believe the Mark of the Beast is Sunday worship and I believe trying to use Daniel chapter 7 to teach that the papacy changed the day of worship to Sunday is reading something into Scripture… some SDA’s allege that the Sabbath was changed prior to the times of the little horn (who only appears after the 10 Gothic horns) so they can’t use Daniel chapter 7 to teach that the papacy changed the day of worship since the little horn only comes to power prophetically after the appearance of the 10 horns

      • Hello ephesians2013. I actually knew/understood that you were not SDA. I (much more than merely technically) also am not an SDA [though, as they like to propagandized their numbers, my prior membership may still be on their books from now over 14 years ago]. I consider myself “beyond SDA”, and this is actually for much of the same reasons you cited, namely, in my case, it was because SDAs could not properly prove all that they claim, as in many instances, their views were at best “incomplete/deficient”. So I have long, (starting from the time when I was studying at their flagship (Theological) University (Andrews) had set out to find out all, and exactly/concretely what the Bible teaches on such issues and more,and that is what my “Theological Views” blog is about.

        It is always odd to find a non-SDA Protestant today who believes that it is the Papacy which is the AntiChrist, indeed as all of the Reformers saw from Scripture/Prophecy and courageously taught…but I am aware that this can indeed be the case. The book/work/sermons by Dave Hunt on this issue (“A Woman Rides the Beast”, amongst others) as it can be found on Youtube is a great testimony to this regard.

        I shared my Blog with you because I thought/think you may be aided by my deeper Biblical studies and findings on these issues. For example, my post on the Sabbath, documents, from actually both SDAs and non-SDA’s, the manifest post-Apostolic history about the Sabbath amongst Christians, including the fact that Christians did also keep both Saturday and Sunday as Worship/Holy Days for several centuries and it is to that state of things that the Catholic Church sought to, through formal “Canons”, get all Christians to abandon Saturday and only keep Sunday Holy. And that is actually how the Papacy/Church “thought to (officially) change times and Laws”. Prior to that the Seventh-Day Sabbath had been left intact, and Sunday worship was added to it.

      • My view on redemption can be found here:

        Yes, I believe that the Bible teaches that true believers are chosen unto salvation and granted the grace by God to persevere in the faith. Some may lose the assurance of their salvation (not their salvation!) for a time through sinning and impenitence but since Christ paid it all for the elect those believers will never be lost. I came out of an assembly 13 years ago that taught the false teaching of loss of salvation.

        I take the “laws” changed to point more specifically to the first and second commandments (idols, images, worship of saints) not the fourth commandment because I believe that the Lord’s day Sunday was set aside by the fact that Christ rose from the dead on Sunday, it was the day He appeared to His disciples and blessed them after the resurrection while it is never mentioned that the Risen Christ appeared to His disciples on the Jewish Sabbath and the Day of Pentecost occurred on a Sunday. Sunday was the day for all churches (not just the Corinthian church) to bring their offerings (because it was their day of gathering together in worship) according to the apostle Paul’s instruction. It was also the day (“the Lord’s Day”) wherein John received the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the final book of the Bible. The Lord’s day, Sunday, is approved of God so even if you could prove in some way that the papacy “abolished the Sabbath” and “imposed Sunday” that would not be a fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel 7 in my mind. Sunday worship has been around since the first century.

        Works are an evidence of salvation and are a part of sanctification. We must not confound sanctification and justification. Two different things. Justification is once-for-all and settled based upon Christ’s atoning death and imputed righteousness. Justification is a legal declaration/act. Sanctification is progressive.

        James speaks of justifying one’s faith BEFORE MEN. If it’s genuine faith it will produce works. Paul speaks of one being justified BEFORE GOD by faith alone without works.

        I do not believe Ellen G. White was a prophet of God. If so she would have been Calvinistic in her soteriology not a modern Galatian judaizer nor a plagiarist.

      • In response to these words: “I shared my Blog with you because I thought/think you may be aided by my deeper Biblical studies and findings on these issues.”

        Your DEEPER Biblical studies? What makes you think you have better studied or understood the Scriptures than I have? Pardon me for being annoyed by your condescending tone.

      • You actually misread me here. I was actually considering my studies to be “deeper” than most SDA studies on the same topics….No condescension intended, nor done, at all towards you!

      • Since I am not one to promote some of the views you espouse on election and God’s foreknowledge I have no desire or intention to allow the mention of any other links to your blog or any other of your views which I judge to be false. I’ve already allowed you to “advertise” your blog (whether “advertising your blog” was your original intent or not) on this blog once in a comment. Be content. This is my blog not yours.

        If one wants to know what I think of Seventh Day Adventism these videos (which I found five years ago on the Youtube channel CAnswersTV) featuring two former Seventh Day Adventists give a good idea:





        I totally reject the false idea of God not totally knowing the future. An idea which it seems you promote on your blog. The Almighty God of the Bible is not thwarted by the “almighty god” of “Random Chance” or the “almighty god” of “man’s (supposed) free will”. The God of the Bible knows the future not because He gazes into some divine crystal ball and somehow sees the future in some hazy way but because He has decreed what should come to pass. Why study prophecy if your view is correct? There’s no guarantee that each and every prophetic detail could be fulfilled. Bible prophecies would be reduced to God’s “guesswork” and “wishful thinking”. God’s eternal plan is not like a Hollywood movie in production requiring constant script rewrites. God’s plan is not Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld” movie. Why pray for anyone’s salvation when man’s “almighty free will” can thwart God’s “best intentions”? On what basis can I trust that God will keep me when He (according to your view) can be thwarted by “free will” and “random chance”? Why would I let myself be taught in any way by someone who teaches the god you teach? At best your god is a cosmic “weather man”.

        Romans 8 : God foreknew PEOPLE not events. God fore-LOVED people.

      • Well, just to duly respond to your, legally-speaking “False Light” creation here: your claims are just factually and/or Biblically/Theologically deficient, uniformed and/or outdated, but evidently you intend to deliberately keep them that way, irrespective of the debunking truth. That all is certainly not the work of a “noble-minded”, Bible Christian (Acts 17:11)….

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