Video : “Coming Out – Exploding the Gay Myth”

While looking today for videos on the topic of AntiChrist that I hoped to add to my previous AntiChrist posts I found Steve Wohlberg’s Youtube channel. When I came to the conviction in 2005 that the papacy (the dynasty of popes) is THE man of sin, THE son of perdition, THE little horn of Daniel chapter 7 and THE (definite article) AntiChrist (capital A) I looked for text and audio resources fleshing out the historic Baptist-Protestant view of AntiChrist and I remember hearing some audio recordings of Steve Wohlberg’s prophecy teachings presenting the true view of AntiChrist while debunking “Left Behind”. I did appreciate Mr. Wohlberg’s presentation even though he is a Seventh Day Adventist*.  Having appreciated some of his resources in the past I was led to watch the following 30 minute video dealing with the topic of leaving homosexuality and converting to Jesus Christ:

As always : 1st Thessalonians 5:21. I do not remember hearing anything in the video that made me cry out “Heresy!”.

* I disagree for example with their doctrine of annihilationism (the damned annihilated at the final judgment as opposed to the traditional Christian view of eternal sufferings for the damned), the 2300-days-meaning-years-in-Daniel-chapter-8 theory, a “secret coming” of Christ in 1844, an Arminian view of salvation mixed in with a form of works salvation, continuation of the 7th day sabbath and their belief that Ellen G. White was a prophet; for more info on Seventh Day Adventism, I will suggest this audio sermon which I heard years ago : “Seventh – Day Adventists – Beyond The Gospel” (Ian Goligher)


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