How Not to Interpret Bible Prophecy (a video)

Recipe for Bad Eschatology

Ingredients needed :

1 – someone holding to an exclusively futurist scenario* of the end-times (preferably a Roman Catholic but any member of a pernicious sect may do the job adequately)

2 – arbitrary selection and dissection of pop culture songs in order to prove fulfillment of prophecy

3 – allow yourself “in all humility” to be called or proclaim yourself to be “the third eagle of the Apocalypse”, “the spirit of prophecy”, “the angel to the church of the Laodiceans”, “the Elijah which is to come”, “one of the two witnesses”, “the one who opens the seals of Revelation”, “the third Elijah”, etc…

4 – no Biblical context required

* chucking into the future each and every prophecy verse that can be found in the Bible (and Apocrypha and other sources if need be – e.g. Mayan Calendar)

Here’s a video which makes Jack Van Impe and John Hagee look good:

 Title : “Invasion By China And Russia In Gangnam Style”

For some eschatology which is more Biblically sound check out :

The AntiChrist : Some Helpful Resources

The Millennium : Some Helpful Resources



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3 responses to “How Not to Interpret Bible Prophecy (a video)

  1. It is difficult to figure out where he comes up with this stuff let alone taking him even remotely serious. It is good for a laugh and a proof that some people should not be representatives of Christian eschatology.

    • After tackling Gangnam Style I wonder when he will start analyzing Sesame Street’s connections to the AntiChrist… Oscar the Grouch could be interpreted as the “beast” or “monster” that comes out of the “abyss” of a garbage can… Big Bird must be the pope… or maybe even the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse… the character Maria must somehow point to Mary who is believed by Roman Catholic expositors to be the woman with the crown of 12 stars… I’m just speculating of course… I’ll have to wait for Third Eagle’s entertaining “analysis” if he should ever discover Sesame Street’s “hidden Apocalyptic code”

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