Video : “Jesus of Testimony” Documentary (2014)

This week I received an email announcing the Internet availability of a recent documentary titled “Jesus of Testimony” which deals with the historicity of Jesus Christ and was produced by Elliott Nesch who also produced other Christian documentaries (refutation of Zeitgeist, critique of Emergent Church movement, critique of Rick Warren) which I really appreciated and which I would encourage people to watch. While I may not necessarily be in complete agreement with each and every viewpoint currently held by the people who are featured in the documentary (e.g. Michael Brown who is Arminian and Charismatic) I thought I would share the contents of the email because of the quality and pertinence of this documentary :

With nearly a dozen of the world’s top New Testament scholars and three years in production, Jesus of Testimony the feature length documentary film is now available to watch freely online. For more information, visit the official Jesus of Testimony page. The DVD is also available to order which includes almost two hours of bonus features and deleted scenes.

Did Jesus really exist? If so, what can we know about Him historically? For any Christian, the historicity of Jesus isn’t merely a matter of curiosity. The Christian faith is dependent upon the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as historical reality. But how can we know if the Jesus of the the Gospels is historical or legendary? Jesus of Testimony answers many of the important questions for skeptics as well as Christians in the area of Christian apologetics.

In Part 1: Lord or Legend, the historicity of Jesus Christ is demonstrated by the important non-Christian historical sources that are available to us today. Part 2: Are the Gospels Reliable? examines the historical reliability of the Gospels as eyewitness testimony to the life of Jesus. Part 3: Miracles provides strong evidence that miracles happen today and happened in history. In Part 4: The Testimony of Prophecy, many of the Old Testament messianic prophecies are quoted along with their New Testament fulfillments which establish a solid confirmation of Jesus’ credentials as the Messiah. In Part 5: The Resurrection – Fact or Fiction? the case is presented for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Finally, Part 6: The Good News concludes that the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels, dependent on eyewitness testimony, is more plausible than the alternative hypotheses of its modern detractors and presents the Jesus’ message of the Gospel.

The participants in the film include many of today’s top Christian apologists, authors and scholars including Richard Bauckham, Craig Blomberg, Michael Brown, Paul Eddy, Steve Gregg, Gary Habermas, Craig Keener, Mike Licona, Dan Wallace and Ben Witherington III.

To contribute to this project, you can support the work by making a donation online which will contribute to distribution and subtitle translations into other languages. If you have further comments, questions or are interested in translating, you may contact us. May the Almighty bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus!

 Elliott Nesch

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