Particular Redemption Part 2 : Some Additional Resources


I wanted to add a few additional resources defending the Biblical teaching of particular redemption. Also known as limited atonement or definite atonement.

The puritan James Durham (1622-1658) wrote about particular redemption in his commentary on Revelation (starting on page 257). The book in electronic format can be read or downloaded for free using the following link:

James Durham, “A commentary upon the book of the Revelation”

A friend of mine recently posted on his blog links to a recent debate between James White (Baptist Calvinist) and Michael Brown (charismatic Arminian) on the subject of particular redemption. (Note : his blog points to other interesting video debate resources which are worth checking out.)  I thought I would also post the video links here:

See also:

Particular Redemption : Some Helpful Resources (Text, Audio and Video)


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