The AntiChrist Part 2 : additional resources


While looking for some French language Christian documents (originals, translations) a few months ago I did find a commentary on the Book of Daniel written by Louis Gaussen (or Francois Samuel R. Louis Gaussen), a 19th century Swiss protestant who was a friend of the great Protestant historian, Merle d’Aubigne.  Mr. Gaussen originally published his commentary in French and it was divided into 4 volumes with volume 1 dealing with chapters 1 to 6, volumes 2 and 3 dealing with chapter 7 and volume 4 dealing with chapters 8 to 12.  I recently finished reading volume 2 and have begun reading volume 3. I must say that I have enjoyed his commentary thus far. Devotional and practical. Historical Baptist/Protestant view of AntiChrist. Very accessible. The author put forth interpretations of certain verses which I had not seen in the works of other “old school” prophecy writers (e.g. E. B. Elliott, J. A. Wylie, H. Grattan Guinness, Thomas Newton, Isaac Newton) and which I find to be quite interesting and plausible. Even though it was originally prepared for Sunday school children the contents are smarter and meatier than most of what has been put forth in prophecy writings (e.g. “Left Behind”, “Late Great Planet Earth”, Jack Van Impe, Scofield Bible notes) in the last century.

The translation (in English) of his Daniel commentary is available through Google books for free reading and downloading using the following links:

“The prophet Daniel explained” (volume 1*), tr. by M. Blackstone (Google Books)

“The prophet Daniel explained” (volume 2*), tr. by M. Blackstone (Google Books)

 * volume 1 covers Daniel 1:1 to Daniel 7:11 and volume 2 covers the rest of chapter 7 and certain verses in Revelation

Please know that the author also wrote a book on the inspiration of Scripture (theopneustia) which was also translated into English and just happened to be appreciated by no less than Charles Spurgeon himself who had said this about the work :

“The turning-point of the battle between those who hold ‘the faith once delivered to the saints’ and their opponents lies in the true and real inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. This is the Thermopylae of Christendom…. In this work the author proves himself a master of holy argument. Gaussen charms us as he proclaims the Divine veracity of Scripture. His testimony is clear as a bell.”


A free electronic version of the book can be read or downloaded through Google Books using the following link:

“Theopneustia: The Bible: Its Divine Origin and Inspiration, Deduced from Internal Evidence, and the Testimonies of Nature, History and Science” (Google eBook)

I also found this book from another author (Charles Marlay Fleury) which seems to offer interesting material (after a quick perusal):

“The Pope the Antichrist, and the Church of Rome the Great Foretold Apostasy” (Google eBook)

Here’s a prophecy book written by well-known Scottish author William Cunningham :

“The apostasy of the Church of Rome, and the identity of the papal power: with the man of sin and son of perdition of St. Paul’s prophecy, in the second epistle to the Thessalonians” (Google eBook)

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