Frogs, France and False Philosophy – Part 1

Brown_Tree_Frog_2“And I saw three unclean spirits like FROGS come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Revelation 16:13-14)

[Please know before proceeding that I am not a racist or a bigot. I have nothing against Arabs or the French. My ancestors were actually from France. I have a French name and I speak French daily. If you don’t believe me then please go to my FRENCH language blog. My beef is with religious systems in opposition to true Christianity (e.g. Islam, atheism/humanism, existentialism, post-modernism). I am not against sincerity. I am against sin. I am not against people. I am against false religious views. My concern is first and foremost to be eschatologically correct not politically correct. We must accept the right interpretation of a passage regardless if it targets any particular groups/nations. We are all sinners before God and all rightfully condemned by the Holy Bible regardless of race or place.]

As I’ve written recently about the symbolic “locust” invasion of Revelation chapter 9 (my 7-part series called “Revelation 9’s Locusts Are Not Revolution 9’s Beatles”) I thought I would now look at the symbol of the 3 “frogs” of Revelation chapter 16.

Let us consider a few things first :

  • If the “locusts” of Revelation 9 are not to be taken literally then the same applies to the “frogs” of Revelation 16; the wording of chapter 16 forbids a literal interpretation : “… unclean spirits LIKE FROGS…”
  • If “beasts” and “locusts” can represent kingdoms in prophetic writings then the same can be said for these “frogs”; the “frogs” and “locusts” must symbolically represent two different kingdoms.
  • the literal locusts and frogs invaded literal Egypt and were large in number; if the figurative “locusts” of Revelation 9 represent a very large army of invaders/conquerors (Saracens, rise of Islam in 7th and 8th centuries) then we should also expect the figurative “frogs” of Revelation 16 to be associated with a large army (or armies) invading and conquering other nations (at least for a time)

Literal Egypt, a land of idolaters who oppressed God’s people, was plagued with literal frogs and locusts (see Book of Exodus). As seen in a recent post the “locusts” of Revelation chapter 9 were used by God to judge the idolatrous saint-worship (“demon” worship) of apostate Christianity during the Middle Ages so that identifies for us the symbolic “Egypt” plagued by the symbolic “locusts” of Islam. Spiritual Egypt = idolatrous/apostate Christianity (Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches). That should be a clue that the symbolic plague of “frogs” of chapter 16 is to be used by God to torment the same “spiritual Egypt” (apostate Christianity… especially Roman Catholicism which as the years went on* became more powerful than the Greek Orthodox church) and its “Pharaoh” (the papacy) which have never repented of idolatry (Revelation 9:20-21). I am bringing nothing new to the table. Some able expositors of the past came to that conclusion hundreds of years before I was born.

* we must take into account the progress of history in our interpretation of Revelation; the political/religious context during the time of the opening of the first six seals may not be necessarily the same context during the trumpet or vial judgments; that should be expected when one considers Church history spans close to 2000 years


“… the great city, which SPIRITUALLY is called Sodom and EGYPT…” (Revelation 11:8) [Please notice the large obelisk in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome : it is EGYPTIAN and it is a phallic symbol associated with ancient Paganism and the modern Paganism of Freemasonry]

the "Pharaoh" of "spiritual Egypt"

the “Pharaoh” of the idolatrous spiritual kingdom of “spiritual Egypt”, guilty of persecuting the Israel of God

Just as the “locusts” of Revelation 9 had a spiritual component (a false religion called Islam… have you heard of it?) which united them and provided them great zeal to pursue their conquests I believe these “frogs” would also have a religion/philosophy which would unite them and spur them on to invade other countries both militarily and philosophically. They would zealously promote their religion/philosophy. Since the “frogs” are associated with gathering the kings of the earth against true Christianity% we should expect this kingdom’s philosophy disseminated around the world to continue to shape the course of human history near the end of time (e.g. French Revolution, Revolution of 1848, Bolshevik Revolution, China’s Revolution, rise of atheism/infidelity, rejection of monarchies, rejection of God, rejection of 10 Commandments, secularization of society, fascism, “innate” human “rights”, socialism-communism, post-modernism, humanism, feminism, Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, animal “rights”, liberal theology within professing Christianity, increase of worldliness and ungodliness, subversion of the authority of parents over their children, etc…) .

% still not yet completely fulfilled but the religious ecumenical movement, aided by the presence of Freemasons within the different religious groups, and the United Nations are 2 of the means which are gradually bringing this about

fanaticism of the "frogs"

fanaticism of the Revolutionary “frogs” who tormented “spiritual Egypt” and its “Pharaoh”

Pope Pius VI (a.k.a. "Pharaoh") taken prisoner by Revolutionary "frogs"

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity…” (Revelation 13:10a) – Pope Pius VI (a.k.a. “Pharaoh”) taken prisoner by Revolutionary “frogs”

Revolutionary "frogs" and their guillotine device

Revolutionary “frogs” and their guillotine device

Just as the “locusts” of Islam were associated with successful invasions and expansion for a limited time we should expect to see these “frogs” achieving success in invading countries for a limited time.

a famous "frog" who conquered a good part of continental Europe

Napoleon : a famous “frog” who invaded and conquered a good part of continental Europe

The “frogs” appear on the scene some time after the “locusts” so we should historically find the plague of “frogs” happening between the time of Islam’s glory years (Islamic empire, Ottoman empire**) and the end of time.

** different Protestant commentators of the past believed that the fifth and sixth trumpets (Revelation chapter 9) pointed symbolically to the 2 phases of Islamic conquests (the first Islamic empire followed later on by the Ottoman empire); consequently the era of the 7th trumpet could only happen after the time of the rise of the Ottoman empire

Notice that these “frogs” come OUT of the dragon, and OUT of the beast and OUT of the false prophet. I believe this means these “frogs” would represent a nation that was part of the dragon kingdom (old Pagan Roman empire) and part of the beast kingdom (“Holy” Roman empire). That would narrow it down to Western Europe and its 10 “horns” (after the Barbarian invasions). “Coming out” of the false prophet I take to represent coming out from under the authority of the religion of the false prophet (apostate Christianity = Roman Catholicism, the religion of most of Europe for many centuries). This “coming out” symbolism in relation to the false prophet represents in my mind a wide scale rejection of Roman Catholicism. Some believe the earthquake (a symbol for revolution) in Revelation chapter 11 associated with one tenth of the city, “Mystery Babylon”, could refer symbolically to France’s revolution. This earthquake is around the time of the seventh and final trumpet containing the seven vials of judgment.

"frogs" celebrating the Goddess of Reason

Revolutionary “frogs” celebrating the Goddess of Reason (year 1793 AD)

Just as the combination of locusts, scorpions and horses pointed to Arabia specifically as the scene for the rise of the “locust” army we should expect the symbol of a frog to point to one nation in particular. Leaving humor and bigotry aside : which nation in Western Europe would best be represented by the symbol of a frog? or which European nation has been most identified historically with frogs for better or worse?

Let me quote from Irish Protestant evangelist*** H. Grattan Guinness‘s book “History Unveiling Prophecy” :

“It is a curious physiological fact that frogs abound in FRANCE. It might also be called THE LAND OF FROGS. This arises from its numerous marshes****. Thus THE OLD FRENCH BANNERS HAD THREE FROGS as their device.”

France : the land of frogs

France : “the land of frogs”

“So noisy and troublesome are frogs in France that before the Revolution, the nobility and courtiers, when spending any time in the country, were in the habit of forcing the miserable peasants to flog the neighbouring waters all night to keep the frogs quiet. The banishment of the Huguenots, by causing large tracts to become neglected and undrained, increased the plague of fevers and frogs. And the moral history of the country has been analogous with the physical. Unhappy France has become morally a land of fevers and of frogs, and a centre from which they have spread throughout Europe, and more or less throughout the world.”

*** this God-fearing man trained many missionaries and was associated with a great spiritual revival in the 19th century (“…by their fruits ye shall know them…”) so his opinion should not be easily brushed aside without consideration; he was no ivory tower theologian who never suffered for the sake of Christianity; the beginning of wisdom needed to properly understand Scripture especially in its more difficult portions is the fear of God (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10); truth and the love of the truth are sovereignly given by God to the elect while the wicked are blinded (2nd Thessalonians 2:10-14)

**** the association of “frogs” with France is based on geographic reasons not racial characteristics

“As proceeding from the “MOUTHS” of these three powers the “unclean spirits” are INSTRUMENTS OF SPEECH. They are “spirits”, not material forms; spirits inspiring multitudinous tongues; they are “unclean spirits”, FALSE, UNGODLY, IMMORAL; they are “FROG LIKE”, NOISY, LOQUACIOUS, unceasing in their vociferations; low in character while lofty in pretensions; drowning with their hoarse croakings the sound of nobler and more harmonious voices, and wearying the ear with persistent clamour.”

Here is what Christopher Wordsworth had to say around the year 1848 about the symbol of frogs and the sixth vial vision:

Doubtless this figure of the Frogs in the Apocalypse has a spiritual meaning. It describes men of grovelling minds, impure spirits, who will come forth in the dim twilight and sad eventide of the World, unclean spirits, who dwell, as it were, in the slime and quagmires of sordid cogitations, strangers to the clear light and fresh streams of divine Truth; loving the slough of debasing lusts and the misty glimmerings of false Philosophy and worldly Policy, and yet puffed up with pride, and speaking swelling words, and making the world to ring with their harsh discord. Such are they, who talk loudly of Liberty, and do not mean thereby the perfect freedom of serving God, but the slavish license of gratifying their own lusts. Such are they, who do not see in God the only source of power, and do not deduce the right to rule and the duty to obey from Him, but make the will of Man the origin of Authority and the measure of Obedience. Such are they, who do not acknowledge that the Glory of the Most High, and the Eternal happiness of men, are the true ends, and right reasons, and immutable laws of all Government, secular and spiritual; but limit its aims to earth, and degrade it into an abject slave of human appetites. Such are they, who do not receive the doctrines of Religion as God has been pleased to reveal them, but would make themselves the standards and oracles of Truth, and would make Truth to vary with their own proud and fickle caprices. In a word, such are they, who do not raise their eyes upward to the sun and stars of God’s Power, Providence, and Wisdom, set in the clear vault of His glorious firmament, but look downward to themselves, and judge of the things of heaven as they are reflected in the watery mirror of the low pools and miry marshes of their own minds.

Such, then, is the Plague which St. John announces to the World in the Sixth Vial. He represents it as issuing forth from the mouth of the Dragon, and of the Beast, and of the False Prophet. Thus he foretells an alliance of Infidel, Democratical, and Papal Powers. He portends that some Roman Preachers , Ministers of the False Prophet, will advocate the doctrines of political licentiousness, and endeavour to flatter the multitude with seducing words; that they will countenance them in rebellion [e.g. Jesuit liberation theology], against lawful authority, human and divine, as the Egyptian Magicians encouraged Pharaoh and his people in their resistance to God; that they will extol crimes which the Gospel condemns; that they will eulogize Insurrection, and invoke benedictions on Rebellion, and be Hierarchs of Revolution.

An important observation arises here. The History of the Egyptian Plagues narrates that Aaron’s rod was changed into a Serpent: so were those of the Egyptian Magicians. Then Aaron turned the water into blood: so did the Magicians. Then Aaron brought up Frogs: so did the Magicians. But with the Frogs their power ceased. Aaron’s rod smote the dust of the earth, and it became lice. The Magicians attempted to do the same, but could not; and they exclaimed, This is the finger of God! The Plague of the Frogs, then, was the final effort of the False Prophets of Pharaoh. Probably the like will be the case with the mystical Egypt. The Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet will send forth their plague of the Frogs; and it may be that this will be their last struggle,— a fierce one, doubtless, it will be,—perhaps an omen of their extinction.

[Note : I believe the sixth vial points to the beginning of the “little season” of Satan gathering the  nations in one final war against the Church of God]

St. Paul appears to intimate this. This know, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their ownselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. Here the Apostle describes a league of corrupt Religion with Lawlessness, Blasphemy, and Infidelity.

Voltaire : a very loud "frog" croaking out anti-Biblical nonsense

Voltaire : a loud and ungodly “frog” who croaked out a lot of anti-Biblical speech





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