Freemasonry : A Book Recommendation


A few years ago I read a pretty good book concerning the religious system of Freemasonry from an ex-Master Mason (Edmond Ronayne) who actually authored some Masonic books (see here and here) prior to his conversion to Christianity. His book titled “The Master’s Carpet”* offers a Biblical critique of Freemasonry. It deals with the religion’s true origins and its fruits. I strongly recommend it for Christians who are curious to know about Freemasonry itself while desiring to avoid any political conspiracy theory talk. This freely available, public domain book can be downloaded at this website:

* full title of the book : “The Master’s Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical – Reviewing the Similarity Between Masonry, Romanism and “the Mysteries”, and Comparing the Whole With the Bible”

Edmond Ronayne as a Master Mason (prior to his conversion to the Truth)

Edmond Ronayne as a Master Mason (prior to his conversion to the Truth)

I just want to say right up front that I am not here to attack the sincerity or works of benevolence of individual Masons. Knowing that they embrace a false religious system which condemns them in the sight of the triune God (the Creator of all things and not merely an “architect”) my desire is that they would forsake it and embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Trusting in Him alone for their salvation and not in their imperfect, sin-tainted works (Isaiah 64:6, Romans 3:10-12, Romans 5:12, Romans 3:23). I have as much desire that they would come to the knowledge of the Truth found only in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6) as I do for Muslims, Mormons, JWs, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Greek Orthodox Church adherents, Gnostics, liberal Protestants/Baptists, atheists, agnostics, New Agers, Buddhists and Hindoos. My desire is to point people to a public domain, freely available document which shows that this religious system is incompatible with true Christianity. It is my hope that :

1 – professing Christians who are not Masons and only have a hazy idea of what Masonry is would consult the book and find out for themselves that like Roman Catholicism Masonry is a works-salvation religious system opposed to God’s sovereign grace

2 – professing Christians who are Masons (and sadly there are many… enough to cause problems within the Southern Baptist Convention for example) would learn from a former Master Mason – not a novice but an authority on the subject of Masonry whose Masonry books can be purchased on for example – that they cannot remain in that system if they truly love Jesus Christ and the Gospel

I will quote here from the preface to “The Master’s Carpet”:

“In all the most popular Manuals of Freemasonry and in its standard works of the highest authority and merit, there are four well authenticated claims set up on behalf of that institution, as follows:

    1. That it is a religious philosophy, or a system of religious science.
    2. That it was revived in its “present outward form” in 1717.
    3. That all its ceremonies, symbols, and the celebrated legend of Hiram in the Master Mason’s degree, were directly borrowed from the “Ancient Mysteries,” or the secret worship of Baal, Osiris or Tammuz
    4. That a strict obedience to its precepts and obligations is all tnat is necessary to free man from sin, and to secure for him a happy immortality.”

“The design of this work, then, is to discuss these claims in a clear, simple and intelligible manner, and to demonstrate beyond the possibility of dispute or doubt, on the part of any Freemason, that the Masonic system, as it exists to-day, is precisely the same religious philosophy, and the same form of secret worship, that used to be taught and practiced in honor of the “god of nature” in the old temples of paganism. All the proofs adduced to establish these facts are designedly drawn from the testimony of Masonry itself, and are so arranged as to be recognized at a glance, and must be found of great value for immediate reference in all possible discussions on this important subject. The work is also profusely illustrated — the interior of the lodge, the position of its various officers, the ceremonies through which the candidate is made to pass, and the emblems and symbols of its different degrees, being accurately represented by wood-engravings, specially prepared for this exposition, and passed upon by some of the former members of the Order, while the legend of Osiris in the Egyptian Mysteries, and the celebrated legend of Hiram in the Masonic Mysteries, are compared with such minuteness of detail that none can fail to note their absolute identity.”

“The unmistakable coincidence between Masonry and Romanism is also set forth, and it is demonstrated with positive certainty that both systems have sprung from the same pagan source … Although I have been a member of the fraternity for a number of years, though I have been exalted to the highest office among my brethren in the lodge, and have received the unanimous plaudits of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, in 1872, yet accepting God’s Word as the rule of my faith and practice, I insist upon it that I have just as much right to secede from the institution of Freemasonry, and to cast off all allegiance to its extra-judicial and iron-clad oaths, its inhuman death penalties, and its anti-Christian and idolatrous worship as I had to secede from the idolatrous worship of Rome just thirty years ago. Acting upon this principle then, I claim that a father, although a Freemason, is in duty bound to warn his son against affiliation with the Masonic institution, and in doing so, to give him a full exposition of its principles and philosophy. And hence the conversation between Mr. Barton and Henry.”

“That in this manner I may be the humble means of liberating some of my former brothers from the despotism of the lodge, as well as saving others from its wicked entanglements, that through the instrumentality of this book the pure, spiritual, heartfelt worship of God through Christ may be better appreciated, and the Redeemer’s name be glorified and exalted, is the sincere and earnest prayer of the author.”

Here are some other good resources concerning Freemasonry :

– audio sermon #15 (MP3) and  text file (sermon transcript) :

– audio interviews (MP3) with author John Otis (“Unveiling Freemasonry’s Idolatry”)  :

– televised debate between John Otis and a Mason :

– documents showing influence of Masonry on development of false religion of Mormonism: (from an ex-Mormon) (from a Mormon)


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